How To Get Rid Of Acne On Nose

Are you going to the prom this year? You would hate to know that a girl would turn you down because of the pimples on your nose. Imagine trying to have a chat with your friends and you know their eyes are focused on your nose. Many people suffer from acne on the nose. The […]

Acne Treatment That Works: What Are The Key Factors

Although there are several factors that cause acne, the treatment does not have to be complicated. Sometimes it is a guesswork to get rid of pimples. You may be lucky to see zits go away after using an acne treatment gel. But in some situations, it doesn’t work. That is why you should start looking […]

Best Sunscreen For Melasma

Does your melasma become worse over the years especially during the summer? You probably have visited your dermatologist for melasma treatment but your dermatologist has forgotten to tell you to use sunscreen. So what is the best sunscreen for melasma? Melasma usually gets darker when it is exposed to the sun. If you don’t want […]